Monday, 16 January 2012

Meet the EatWild Explorers!

It's been a little quiet around Food, Je t'Aimée lately, but not for lack of material! There are actually many fun things happening in real time - such as the below - I just haven't been able to post about any of them until now!

The EatWild Project

About a month ago, the fantastic duo behind the EatWild Project - Bronwen and Noah - got in touch with me. Bronwen, a Victoria (BC) native, and Noah, a Chef from London (UK), have had their fingers in several interesting pots over the past year: The EatWild Project, namely, but also and their pop-up dinner clubs. 

It is under the umbrella of the EatWild Project, however, that they are retracing the steps of Samuel de Champlain - starting in Nova Scotia and heading inland to Ontario - in order to uncover the first traces of Canadian food culture and tradition, which will all be captured on videoblog. Naturally, I was completely enthralled with their idea and was excited to help them on their way, in any way I could. The pair arrived in Nova Scotia late last week and then traveled onward to Port Royal (via Annapolis Royal, NS) to learn more about The Order of Good Cheer and stay with local producers within the Valley, such as Whippletree Farm and Sissiboo Coffee.

Bronwen and Noah trying Lobster Poutine in Halifax - a first!

Before they slipped out of town, however, I had the pleasure of spending some time with them talking about what we all love best: food. I took them around to two of our Saturday morning Farmers' Markets in town - the Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market and the Historic Brewery Farmers' Market - where they were able to connect with some Nova Scotian food producers and chat with them about their goods.

Painted on the walls of the Historic Farmers' Market

Bronwen and Noah will be returning to Halifax by the middle of this week and hosting some food events based on what they learned in Annapolis Royal. There will be a community-based potluck this coming Friday night (January 20th), location TBA. The idea is that attendees will bring their favourite, traditional Maritime dish or local foods. The evening will be a celebration of Nova Scotian foods and an opportunity to connect with other food lovers in the community. Keep your night open! I (and they) will be posting more details about this soon. To follow their videoblog adventure and to get updates on their findings, you can connect them at, on Twitter @EatWildProject, and on Facebook.


  1. Aimee, I'm following Bronwen and Noah's adventure as an EatWild supporter from Vancouver - this sounds wonderful and it's great that you guys connected! This potluck sounds fantastic...wish I could go :)


  2. Man, I wish I was closer, that sounds like so much fun! What a great idea too:-) I will head over and follow them on their FB and Twitter pages:-) Hugs, Terra

  3. Cool stuff, sounds like a innovative idea. Can't wait to hear more about these "explorers"

  4. I agree Terra I wish I was closer too. I am only around the corner, the other side of the globe. lol

    Sounds like lots of fun Aimee. I always wanted to know more about canadian food tradition. There is not much info out there. TV5 shows on their channel sometimes some quebec shows about food and other stuff.

  5. Wow, this sounds like a lot of fun. You're right in my neighborhood so see you Friday?:)

  6. what a brilliant idea for a food tour. Canada is blessedly and cursedly humungous! but one day I'll make it out east to the sea

  7. Quite the intresting adventure project Bronwen and Noah are on and how nice that you had the opportunity to meet them. Lobster Poutine!!!??? :)

  8. SO interesting.....what a brilliant idea!
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