Saturday, 4 February 2012

Preparing for Tea

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post called You Are Invited To Tea: a bit of an ode to building community through our online connections. As a result, about a dozen wonderful and talented women will be gracing my doorstep for Afternoon Tea tomorrow, and I couldn't be more excited!

Bohemian Tea - by Shelagh Duffett 

Tea Roll Call

Allison Kincade of Allie's Changing Kitchen / Twitter: @changingkitchen
Asheley Ramey of Asheley Eats / Twitter: AsheleyEats
Kathy Jollimore of Eat Halifax / Twitter: @kathyjollimore / Facebook Page
Kelly Neil of / Twitter: @baconandbaileys / Facebook Page (also, the recent founder of the Halifax Baking Club!)
Kim Stacey of Emma's Eatery / Twitter @eatfishcakes / Facebook Page
Nancy Stapleton from Adsum for Women & Children / Twitter: @adsumforwomen / Facebook Page
Renée Lavallée of Feisty Chef / Twitter: @FeistyChef / Faceboook Page
Sheena Clark of Butter Versus Burpees / Twitter: B_versus_B

Also, some honourable mentions for those who will be there in spirit. Hope to see you at the next round, ladies!

Heather Nolan of Mmm is for Mommy / Twitter: @MmmisforMommy / Facebook Page
Susan Morrison of Chef Sue Morrison / Twitter: @chefsuem 
Suzie Ridler of Suzie the Foodie / Twitter: @suzieridler / Facebook Page 

At the end of that original 'tea' post, I encouraged people to contact me if they were interested in joining us, so there are also a few women joining us from the community who do not necessarily blog or tweet. I was so pleased to add them our crew of tea-sippers!

I'll post photos of our goodies and tea next week, but for now I would encourage you to visit their blogs and websites, as well as their Twitter and Facebook pages. They are all doing fabulous and creative things in Halifax (and beyond) and are really worth getting to know better - if you don't know them already, that is!

Now, this little blogger has to get baking...


  1. Looking forward to it!

  2. I can't wait to see how it goes! Sorry I won't be able to attend, such great online personalities and foodies getting together. Next time! :) I will be with you in foodie spirit though, promise.

  3. Wish I lived nearer, I could have gatecrashed! Have a lovely tea party, Aimee! xx

  4. I'm so disappointed that life changed things. Next time, next time.

  5. This is (and was) so so great Aimee! I cannot wait to do it again!

  6. Lovely time - great to meet some local ladies with similar interests :)

    So...I see that most people have Facebook pages as well as a blog & twitter.. what gets you to that decision? Is there any point when your readership is small? Been thinking of it only so I could separate food me with Me Me.

  7. Saw your lovely, lovely tea over at Shelagh's blog and I was MOST impressed. I'm so grumpy that I live in Ontario, so far from the gatherings. Please have some of that clotted cream for me on the next outing! Consider me a fan!

  8. What a lovely way to make some wonderful friends!IO wish I lived somewhere near to your place!

  9. oh I missed it! sorry Aimee. I was so busy with moving my blog. =I

    hope u all had a blast! wish i could have joined!