Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Big Day Downtown 2014 (Prologue)

<tap tap tap>

This thing on?

Anybody out there?


Imagine my surprise when logging in to my blog today - for the first time in ages - to learn that I still get quite a few hits every day. Warmed my heart!

For those of you wondering where the heck I've been since July 2012, the story of my blog's life and subsequent absence goes something like this:

2011: Aimee starts food blog for fun; enjoys immensely. She and F. instantly gain 10 pounds (give or take). Hears about local event called "Big Day Downtown" and desperately wants to play some year.
2012: Aimee gets a fancy new blog with help from talented IT friend.
2012: Aimee gets a very, very busy new job. Writes sporadic blog posts. Anxious.
2012: Aimee & F. sell house, get new one. Blog utterly sidelined. Still tweets, instagrams, and eats, but doesn't write.
2013: Aimee & F. get engaged. New blog gets permanently deleted from cyberspace, along with those sporadic posts. Life is very, very full.
2014: Aimee & F. are two weeks from wedded bliss. Surprised when contacted by Downtown Halifax Business Commission to participate in "Big Day Downtown." Aimee practices by saying, "Yes!" and "I do!"

There you have it. Lured in by the promise of 150 bucks to play in Downtown Halifax, Food Je t'Aimée gets resurrected.

With so many life projects now underway or complete, it seems timely to pick this little project back up anyway. I've really missed it!

So what say you, people of Halifax (should you still be reading): How shall I spend my gold? Leave me a comment with suggestions!

*For those outside of Halifax, "Big Day Downtown" is an initiative by the Downtown Halifax Business Commission and works like this:
  • They identify 30 bloggers who were a good fit for Downtown – each blogger gets $150 in pre-paid Visa gift cards to spend anywhere in Downtown Halifax.
  • The annual twist and theme is: “People’s Choice.” They’re asking each blogger to crowdsource creative ideas for their Big Day Downtown.
  • Where is the Downtown area? East-West, it’s from the Halifax Waterfront up to Brunswick Street. North-South it’s from the Casino to the Port of Halifax. 
  • Each blogger has until September 12 to go on their Big Day Downtown and then blog about it.
  • Follow @DowntownHalifax and #BigDayDowntown for updates and news.
  • Later, the general public can win their own $100 to spend Downtown. Follow Downtown Halifax on Facebook, Twitter and via website to learn when the contest launches!
Here’s a list of all the participating blog sites for 2014:

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