Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My #BigDayDowntown

Just in the nick of time, and fresh from the wedding altar, I present to you the results of my Big Day Downtown! Thanks to some great suggestions over Twitter, I developed the theme "Pre-Wedding Indulgence" for my day (evening) downtown. Pardon the image quality, as I only had my older (read: many a tumble) iPhone on hand. The indulgence included:

1. Food - naturally: Got a bite to eat at Baba Ghanouj Café on Barrington Street, where I was treated to wonderful and friendly service from the owner and head chef himself, and the best - BEST - falafel I've ever had in Halifax. I even got a hot and straight-outta-the-oil falafel to snack on while my falafel sandwich was being prepared. Moist, fresh and downright delish.

How cute is this place?

2. Dessert - bien sûr: a 1/2 dozen beautiful cupcakes from Layers Cakes that I took home and shared with my (then) fiancé, parents, and niece and nephew who were visiting. It was the end of the day, but even still, I scored two Coconut, two Raspberry White Chocolate, and two Vanilla Bean, all of which were a big hit at home.

3. Shopping - couldn't resist: I purchased these adorable cards from Paper Chase and Biscuit General Store, as well as a sweet, sweet necklace from Biscuit that seemed rather fitting a week before saying my "I dos". Can you blame a girl for feeling sentimental?

4. Pampering - the ultimate indulgence: I had an express manicure from Fancy Nails (located in the basement of the Maritime Center on Barrington) and a blow-out from Urban 30 Blowdry Bar before my bachelorette party. Unfortunately, my fresh 'do fell out about 10 minutes later, but it was lovely while it lasted, and given I'm a curly head and didn't have to do my hair myself (not to be understated), it was still something fun and different for a special night out.

I had a fabulous time visiting each of these downtown businesses. With the exception of Biscuit and Paper Chase, each business was new to me and ones I had been eye-balling for a while, so I'm glad to have finally scratched the itch. I already can't wait for my next taste of Baba Ghanouj's falafel!

I actually still have a bit of a balance left on my cards, as this was all I could fit into one evening, so it shows that you can certainly do a lot for $150 downtown. If you're prepping for your bachelorette party, for example, just an FYI: you can do every bit of it downtown. I even shopped for a white dress at Biscuit, and because it was the end of the season, there were a ton of dresses on sale for $39. Unfortunately I didn't find what I was looking for, but I easily could have fit the dress into my $150 indulgence budget!

Check out the Downtown Halifax website to see what the other 29 bloggers did with their $150, and/or follow #BigDayDowntown on Twitter for updates and links!

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